Thursday, September 24, 2015

USCIS APROVAL!! And less than $10,000 to go!

We got our USCIS approval today! It will be notarized, apostilled and then on it's way to our children's country so that our dossier can be submitted. This is the last piece we needed! We should be submitted in early October and travel to meet them 2 months later.

We have had a lot going on and are making slow process on getting the garage sale up, but here are some other things going on right now to help us raise the funds we need:

Handmade with love auction - Runs Oct 1 - 16th and features hand made personally crafted & artist made items that have been generously donated, purchased, or made by us. We are still seeking donations of items for this. Fifty percent will go to the Vanchura Family for Nugget!

Art sales through my studio - I have been working on model horses and have also been selling some lovely glazed pieces that I sculpted and a friend cast and finished. It's been so wonderful having the support of my art clients and friends.

"Surround them with Love" heart sale  - This may  get revised again but $5 gets your name on a heart in a frame that will surround each of the kiddos' pictures ($10 for one in each). A wonderful reminder for them and us for years to come that there were so many people working to get them home. A stark contrast to sitting in an orphanage without a family! Donate here: and forward your receipt to me.

T-shirts -
Half of the proceeds from these shirts will be going to the Vanchura family adopting Nugget! They need funds fast for a medical expedite. Please consider a t-shirt or donating to them directly -

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Yard sale time!

We got our USCIS Fingerprinting appointment letters and will be trying to get those done this week, plus a couple of papers apostilled to mail off. We should be submitted to our country's government somewhere around the beginning of October I think.

This week also starts our month (or more) long yard sale to raise money for our adoption. I will be working on artwork/quilting/crafts etc while sitting at the sale during slow times, but we hope to keep busy and raise a decent chunk. It's going to be HUGE as we have several families donating stuff they no longer need due to moves and such. Furniture, kitchen stuff, artwork, home decor, clothing, toys, kids stuff, sports equipment, homeschool books, etc!

We also applied to a grant organization and are working on applying to a few more.

We still need to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time, but God is bigger than this, and I know He will make it happen.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Still moving along!

We got approval on our commitment of "Sabrina" from her country today and our check was cashed at USCIS so we should be getting our fingerprint letter in a couple of weeks. We also paid another large chunk of our program fees today. So now we are working on the funds we need to raise. We need enough for Trip #1 at the least (which is about $4000) by Nov/Dec.

Here is a list of our newest fundraiser! Check out our Fundraising Page on FB for the full list and
share-able posts!

Another special fundraiser called "Show the love". Donate $10 or more to our Reece's Rainbow grant and you get the name of your choosing on 2 wooden hearts that will go in a picture frame to surround our sweet babies with love! Forward your receipt to EMail and lmk the name you'd like on them. It can be your name, family name, or even the name of a friend or loved one (in their honor or memory). This fundraiser will be ongoing until the frames are filled or they are home. See our blog or this page for updates and details.

Thank you!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Handmade Item Fundraising Auction

We are currently looking for items that are handmade to put in our auction for October. These can be things you made or that were made by someone else as long as they are in good condition. Some ideas would be crafts, paintings, sewn items, hair clips, artwork, quilts or blankets, jewelry, ornaments, games, etc! Even something sweet the kids made for us! If you are willing to donate an item please Email Me a picture, short description, your etsy/fb page/website link (if you have one), and suggested price.

We hope to run the auction through the month of October.
Thank you!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Progress!! And new coloring pages!

Finally we have our approved home study in hand! And our dossier is nearly complete so we should have that finished up quickly. We are pretty much just waiting for our USCIS approval. Finally getting some progress that we have been fighting for!

And to celebrate, we have new coloring pages available! They are 5 sheets in a PDF file for $10. You can print them at home or for the cost of shipping I can print you a few on some heavier printing paper.

I have some more designs coming up for fall/winter but I'd like to sell the last 3 boxes of assortment #1 and the 30 or so singles that are left. So visit my Etsy shop!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Our second kiddo!!

We have had our commitment accepted by her country and have added this sweet girl to our adoption. We are so excited. I cannot wait to have them both home!!

Isn't she precious? 

God is so good. He never ceases to amaze me how he cares and the amount of perfect love & mercy he shows to us. He is the one who restores. She already has 3 totes of clothing , hair bows, barefoot sandals, and headbands ready and waiting. I will soon start on each of their "baby" quilts. 

The news that our paperwork was accepted came while we were at the Reece's Rainbow Reunion this past week. What a wonderful time to be surrounded by others that were almost as excited as we were. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Color-Me Cards!

One of the ways we are trying to raise adoption funds is through the sale of my new line of cards. These are designed to color by either the giver or recipient! Coloring has been found to be very therapeutic by many studies, especially for adults, and who doesn't like to get a lovely card?

Lovely boxed sets ready for shipping on the right, and on the left are the singles in their plastic sleeves! 
These cards are all original designs drawn by myself and printed onto 5x7 greeting cards. They can be colored in pencil, crayon, or marker and used as gifts, art to display or send them uncolored and let the recipient color them! They are all blank inside and come with blank envelopes.

They come in premade Assortments of 10 for $25 (See above picture), custom assortments (you pick any 10 cards) for $30, or as singles for $4 each. Shipping is $6 for one set, $8 for 2-5, and $1 for singles (shipped free with a box set)

(To see all available designs:

To purchase: Email at for your total then donate the amount here: and forward your receipt to me at the above email address!
Check out my Etsy Shop as well!
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