Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tis the season to be busy!

Holiday preparations are nearly upon us, and I am working on some fun craft ideas that would make great gifts! I hope to open our Christmas Shop the second week of December. Stay tuned! I may be able to post a little preview soon.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


I have started my fall/winter sewing fest out with making quilts and blankets to sell (and a couple to keep). Here are just a few of them. If you'd like to see what is currently available: Click Here

31"x36" flannel safari quilt

27x36 flannel and minky 

18"x25" Taggy lovey blankets
Super soft pink minky & flannel quilted blanket

More in progress! (lots more coming including pinks)

We have also been chosen as one of this month's 5/5/5 families! For those that don't know, the 5/5/5 for Families program works like this: They pick 5 families for the month. Everyone encourages others to donate just $5 to the fund and the money is split between. So one donation helps 5 adopting families. BONUS you can set it up to automatically donate to this fund each month. Set it and forget it and by the end of one year you will have helped *60* families! It may not be a big amount but many hands make light work, as they say, and it all adds up. The last several months have totaled over $3,000 to split between the 5 families! You can donate a larger amount than $5 if you wish as well, or do a one time donation. Each family that is chosen then tries to send in a $5 per month donation for the next 6 months. We have been donating to the fund for almost a year now I think and it's great! The month ends for us on December 5th.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Auction totals!

Our handmade item auction did very well and brought in over $1550 in bids and additional donations! The last few payments should arrive Monday  as people get back to their computers. The Vanchura family will get $775 towards their adoption of "Nugget" and we get the same twoards our adoption of Kurt & Sabrina.

Thank you everyone that helped by donating, bidding, and sharing!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Last day to bid! Travel update!!

Today is the last day for our handmade online auction! I cannot wait to get the totals and send the Vanchura family their half towards their matching grant when everything is paid for.

Now for some other exciting news... The normal timeline between being submitted to the country's government and travel for trip #1 has been about 2 months. Recently this has been shortened by quite a bit. The latest several families have been given verbal approval, written 2 weeks later, and travel dates for TWO WEEKS later! ACK! It's wonderful and makes me nervous all at once. smile emoticon It's possible we could still travel in MID-NOVEMBER if our dossier is accepted next week!

Also we have applied for a grant and they meet at the end of the month to decide who gets grants and how much. If our travel happens in November, our big chunk of agency fees ($6500) will be due in December and that is a hard month to fundraise/sell artwork. So if you could please pray that we would get a grant, that would be great. Thank you!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fundraiser wrap-ups & Submission!

This week our yard sale will likely finish up due to the increasing wind and the ever increasing likelihood of our tent turning into a very large kite. I may most some of the items into the porch and try to sell them online. We will see what is left after it ends on Saturday. I am praying it's all gone and there is nothing left to do!

Our online handmade item auction also ends this week! We have some items still without bids, but I think things will pick up towards the closing date. At least that is what I am hoping. The auction proceeds are being split 50/50 with the Vanchura family!

All of our dossier is in country now and should be submitted this week! That means we should have written referral  & travel dates in about 3 weeks and updated medicals and such shortly after that. We should travel in roughly 2 months. Two months from now will be mid-December, which is a hard time to travel. Flight costs are higher so we had to raise our travel estimates as well. And we found out that we owe a little more on our agency fees than we thought, so our total estimate has gone up about $1250. That's not really the direction you hope it will go! But we will make it work. God has his plan and we are trusting his timing in all of it.

Since we have 2 fundraisers wrapping up at the end of the week, I am hoping to get back to my studio work next week and then have some art pieces to auction off shortly after that. We have around $7500 left to raise (not counting the new fees I had to add to our estimate, we will deal with that if need be). Most of that is agency fees that are due as soon as we get home from trip #1. I have set up a YouCaring page for anyone that would like to help us raise the money for those fees.

I am hopeful that by the end of October we will be a bit closer to having this all raised! Thank you for your help!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

USCIS APROVAL!! And less than $10,000 to go!

We got our USCIS approval today! It will be notarized, apostilled and then on it's way to our children's country so that our dossier can be submitted. This is the last piece we needed! We should be submitted in early October and travel to meet them 2 months later.

We have had a lot going on and are making slow process on getting the garage sale up, but here are some other things going on right now to help us raise the funds we need:

Handmade with love auction - Runs Oct 1 - 16th and features hand made personally crafted & artist made items that have been generously donated, purchased, or made by us. We are still seeking donations of items for this. Fifty percent will go to the Vanchura Family for Nugget!

Art sales through my studio - I have been working on model horses and have also been selling some lovely glazed pieces that I sculpted and a friend cast and finished. It's been so wonderful having the support of my art clients and friends.

"Surround them with Love" heart sale  - This may  get revised again but $5 gets your name on a heart in a frame that will surround each of the kiddos' pictures ($10 for one in each). A wonderful reminder for them and us for years to come that there were so many people working to get them home. A stark contrast to sitting in an orphanage without a family! Donate here: and forward your receipt to me.

T-shirts -
Half of the proceeds from these shirts will be going to the Vanchura family adopting Nugget! They need funds fast for a medical expedite. Please consider a t-shirt or donating to them directly -

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Yard sale time!

We got our USCIS Fingerprinting appointment letters and will be trying to get those done this week, plus a couple of papers apostilled to mail off. We should be submitted to our country's government somewhere around the beginning of October I think.

This week also starts our month (or more) long yard sale to raise money for our adoption. I will be working on artwork/quilting/crafts etc while sitting at the sale during slow times, but we hope to keep busy and raise a decent chunk. It's going to be HUGE as we have several families donating stuff they no longer need due to moves and such. Furniture, kitchen stuff, artwork, home decor, clothing, toys, kids stuff, sports equipment, homeschool books, etc!

We also applied to a grant organization and are working on applying to a few more.

We still need to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time, but God is bigger than this, and I know He will make it happen.
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